A Beauty Supply Store was facing challenges with high procurement costs and concerns about the quality of their 100% Human Hair bundles sourced from their previous distributor. They were purchasing 18" bundles at a wholesale price of $46 each, impacting their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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    High procurement costs leading to reduced profitability.

  • 02

    Quality concerns regarding the hair bundles sourced from their previous distributor.

  • 03

    Inventory availability.


Upon discovering Dillie Hair Wholesale, the Beauty Supply Store decided to explore the benefits of purchasing their 100% Human Hair bundles from their platform. They found that Dillie Hair offered the same 18" bundle at a wholesale price of $38, significantly lower than their previous distributor.


By partnering with Dillie Hair Wholesale, the Beauty Supply Store achieved remarkable results:

Cost Savings: The store saved $8 per bundle by purchasing from Dillie Hair Wholesale, resulting in a savings of approximately 17.39% per bundle compared to their previous distributor.

Increased Revenue: The cost savings directly contributed to a 17.39 % increase in revenue for the Beauty Supply Store in the first quarter after partnering with Dillie Hair Wholesale.

Improved Product Quality: In addition to cost savings, the Beauty Supply Store noted that the hair bundles sourced from Dillie Hair Wholesale were of superior quality, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additional Benefit

Moreover, the Beauty Supply Store further grew its profits by taking advantage of Dillie Hair's Lines of Credit. With no credit check involved, Dillie Hair offered lines of credit to trusted wholesale buyers, allowing the Beauty Supply Store to receive some products before paying for them. For more details, contact Dillie Hair.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Dillie Hair Wholesale offers competitive wholesale prices, allowing businesses to maximize their profitability by reducing procurement costs.

  • Quality Assurance

    Dillie Hair Wholesale ensures the authenticity and superior quality of its 100% Human Hair bundles, providing businesses with confidence in the products they offer to their customers.

  • Increased Profitability

    By reducing procurement costs and improving product quality, Dillie Hair Wholesale empowers Beauty Supply Stores to increase their bottom line and achieve long-term success in the industry.


Partnering with Dillie Hair Wholesale provides beauty supply stores with a cost-effective solution to maximize profitability and improve product quality. Through competitive pricing, superior product offerings, and flexible payment options, Dillie Hair Wholesale empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive beauty supply market. Experience the benefits of Dillie Hair Wholesale and elevate your business to new heights of success today.

Quality Unparalleled

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